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I recently spent nine days in China, touring Chinese businesses, meeting local professionals, learning their culture and visiting tourist destinations. From the moment I stepped off the plane and entered the Shanghai airport, I was enamored with the Chinese use of technology and marketing opportunities. I was surrounded by LED lights and video billboards. I was receiving text message advertisements from Chinese cell phone companies and directions on how to use Chinese Wi-Fi. Everywhere I turned, I was completely amazed by the Chinese use of technology and the marketers that took full advantage of it.

Here are some of my perspectives of China as a U.S. digital marketer.

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Shanghai China

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Wow, it’s hard to believe that it has been three years since “The Big Trip”! This week marks the third anniversary of when Rick and I flew from Philadelphia to Seattle and began our cross-country journey. I still reminisce about the trip with my friends and all the great stories that came out of it. From the music in Seattle and New Orleans, to the coasts of Oregon and the Outer Banks, to the beautiful cities of San Fransisco and Savannah, to the awe-inspiring sites at the Joshua Tree Forest and the Grand Canyon, we saw and experienced a lot. It was definitely a life changing experience. To celebrate the anniversary, Rick and I just ordered a case of Great White beer from the Lost Coast Brewery!

Doing the Trip Again with New Technology

I know that we’d do this trip again in a heartbeat, if we had the opportunity and there would be very little we would change except the addition of the new technology of today. Though, it’s only been three years since the Big Trip, technology has come a long way. Specifically with social media.

Here’s an example of how the trip would change if we were to do it today. First, we would be able to keep everyone more informed with more frequent posts on Facebook and Twitter. We would be able to upload photos right from our mobile phones and I’d even be able to write blog posts right from a Wordpress app without having to find the nearest wifi-enabled coffeehouse. The other big thing that would change would be the addition of video along the way. With our new cameras, we would be able to take some short video clips and post them to YouTube almost immediately. Just thinking of these new possibilities makes me want to do another trip soon!

On Saturday June 20th, 10 of my friends got together to join thousands of beer lovers at Harrisburg’s 6th Annual Brewers Fest. As we waited for the rain to stop, we started the festivities with a drink at my house before heading downtown to the corner of Locust and Third. With over 50 breweries from up and down the East Coast, including local favorites Appalachian Brewing Company and Troeg’s, it was a great time with some great beer. Their was music and food vendors. We met some people and talked with some of our favorite breweries. It was fun to see everyone out and enjoying what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day.

I highly recommend attending the Harrisburg Brewers Fest next in 2010. There are two sessions, but tickets sell out early. You can find more information at their website. Troeg’s Harrisburg Brewers Fest

Are Mark, Joe and Nick that big or are their beer mugs that small?

Are Mark, Joe and Nick that big or are their beer mugs that small? Small mugs = A lot of good beer

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“Walk A Mile in Our Shoes!” Crocs Footwear just released a new campaign to promote their shoe lines. Cities by Foot is a website dedicated to providing information on restaurants, shopping and attraction in a number of cities. The site includes some nice video and tips for travelers with the underlying message to buy Croc shoes. Check out the site at

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Red Bull Soap Box Derby, PhiladelphiaTwo weekends ago, the Red Bull Soap Box Derby made its way to Philadelphia PA. If you are not familiar with the Red Bull Soap Box Derby, let me quickly describe it for you. This is not your kid’s soap box race. This is a race of amateur adults riding in creatively designed and crafted soap box cars. They race down a street lined with hay and spectators cheering them on. The teams in Philadelphia ranged from “The Cheesesteak Chariot” to “The Weed Racer”.

From their site:

“Not to be confused with the youth soapbox derby, Red Bull Soapbox Race is a national race for amateur drivers, which is fueled by creativity and competitive fun – not to mention the need for speed. This unique non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.”

Red Bull Soap Box Derby, PhiladelphiaRick lived only a few blocks away from the race in Manayunk, so we made sure to enjoy a few fine beverages before and after the event. And yes, it was an event. The pouring rain did not stop thousands of people coming out to see over 40 teams race down “The Wall” in Manayunk. Philadelphia’s own Mayor Michael Nutter lead the event off by one of the first racers down the hill in the official Red Bull Soap Box car while Preston and Steve did commentary over the race. It was a lot of fun walking through pit row and checking out the different designs and then watching the teams fly down the hill only to crash at the end.

Red Bull Soap Box Derby, PhiladelphiaTeam Deuces Wild  won the Red Bull Soap Box Derby race in their tricked out baby carriage by completing race in 44.5 seconds! Team Great Scott came in second with their Back to the Future theme and the People’s Choice award went to the Dr. Strangebox team from Vermont. If the Derby comes to your city, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait for next year.

Hey Philly Photos (taken by Rick Boyer)
Red Bull Soap Box Derby – Philadelphia, PA 2008
Fox Philadelphia Recap Video

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